WHO? Trinity Without Borders Adopts Get Ready 4 School Concept

“My kids feel as if they’re part of a group, instead of living in the shadows” says one parent. “That’sIMG_2089 exactly what we aim to do… include and engage,” proclaims Jeff Smith, concept creator of Get Ready 4 School. “Now we’re encouraging local agencies, who have had such success with Veterans and families, to reach out to some of the more difficult cases that still exist.”



Trinity Without Borders is uniquely qualified to administer this program”, says Director Vallerie Guillory. “The properties we are developing have the infrastructure necessary to do this in a way that can both provide for the children and direct parents toward the services they need, but might not know exist”.


Trinity Without Borders, Exec. Director: Vallerie Guillory

Ms. Guillory has operated Trinity Without Borders for 9 years, providing assistance, housing options and other services to families in need.

“With a holistic approach, Trinity is taking the lead on implementing new ways of addressing homelessness among families and single parents.”

Project Developer: Jeffrey Stephen Smith


Mr. Smith has been a lifelong advocate for social change. Professionally, he is a solar energy entrepreneur, property manager and freelance writer. Personally, he has been homeless and homesteader, business owner and bum.

 “Without question, the community has a responsibility to assist children in need. But further, the societal benefits of our program make good economic sense. Nobody wins when kids suffer.”

Health Advisor: Bill Spalding


Mr. Spalding has recently retired as Owner and Administrator of a Home Health Care Provider in suburban Washington, DC. His interest in social change spans such diverse fields as alternative energy, affordable health care and minority skill training.

“Successful students make successful adults.”

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