WHAT? “Kid’z Klub”

We operate as a not-for-profit, members-only FREE Healthy Family Club, available to families with school- or preschool-aged children. The children of homeless families will be given full membership in the “Kidz Klub”. We will provide our members with clean bathing and toilet facilities, followed by a balanced breakfast.


Our mission is very simple.

We address our children’s most basic need: a healthy start to the school day. images-3We maintain a secure “family” environment, equipped with TV, internet access, toys and baby supplies.

Let us be clear. There are services available for families with children who may, for a variety of reasons, have become homeless. Trinity Without Borders has housing options available for veterans, women at risk and families with children. We urge you to callĀ 941-350-9250 and ask for help. Visit their WEBSITE for more information.

Organizations such as the YMCA (941-951-2916), Harvest House (941-953-3154) and Salvation Army (941- 954-4673) have the facility to provide emergency care and Social Service referrals.

If, for any reason you are afraid or reluctant to reach out for help – HAVE FAITH.

We have all been there. You are not alone. Call 941-321-3177 for confidential advice on how you can receive assistance for your family.


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