Every organization is like a family. Each member has attributes and weaknesses, skills and needs. We draw our collective strength from a shared respect for family and our innate instinct to protect children.

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP:   GET READY 4 SCHOOL membership is open, free of charge to the children of homeless families.Come if you need to. Pay if you can. Or, ask how you can help.

VOLUNTEER SERVICE:   GET READY 4 SCHOOL needs volunteers for a variety of jobs: operating staff, security, food service, mentoring and fund-raising.

FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD GOODS:   GET READY 4 SCHOOL needs individual packaged cereal, fresh fruit and  fruit juice.

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION:   GET READY 4 SCHOOL needs a base. If you know of a gym or health club for rent or sale, we need to talk. We need separate locker-room/shower facilities with modest office space.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE:   GET READY 4 SCHOOL needs money, plain and simple. Tax-deductible donations  made through Trinity Without Borders, a non-profit organization described under IRS Code 501(c)3.

call for information – 941-321-3177


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